Home Buyer's Guide

Loan of a lifetime

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Is real estate a good investment?

· In 1979, the average price of a Fraser Valley home was $60,000. This same home is now worth $550,000. · This growth is expected to continue. By 2040, our population will grow to 4.1 million residents from our current 1.8 million says David Baxter, of the Urban Futures Institute, which studies land use and community change.

How to hire a home Inspector

Every home has its quirks – a leaky faucet or a worn carpet. Some homes have more serious problems – mildew and mould, windows that leak after a storm, even a cracked foundation. To find out everything you need to know, you should hire a qualified home inspector. They are trained and can give you details about structural flaws and maintenance problems. Before you hire a home inspector, ask about: Professional membership – the inspector should be a member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAPHI). Members are required to uphold high standards of performance and ethical conduct. Visit three or more inspector’s websites to compare services and costs. Prepare questions including whether the inspector provides potential buyers with a detailed report for each property.



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