Home Seller's Guide

  1. Renovating for resale value Before you spend thousands of dollars more on renovations, ask me about your options. I can guide you through the types of renovations that offer a good return on your investment. Here are my top five:
  2. Never out-renovate for your neighbourhood. Home prices are factors – including location. If you're home is in a lower-priced neighbourhood, it might not pay to renovate with a gourmet kitchen or a grand entranceway. Often the best home on the block is not the easiest to sell.
  3. Stick to classics. Styles change every 10-15 years. You can't go wrong using neutrals. Add shots of colour with cushions, vases and flowers.
  4. Investigate zoning bylaws and permit requirements. If you're adding a deck or converting your basement into a suite, you require a building permit from your local city hall.
  5. Do your homework. If you plan to renovate, you should review costs, suppliers and contractors. Check references and get agreements in writing. Do the renovation right. The quality of renovation work affects resale value. If you want top dollar, your renovation must be first-rate.



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